The road to BSC

How does the DojoTeam prepare for a successful launch at BSC

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Anti-Bot Feature

One of the biggest concerns for token holders is malicious bot attacks that hijack liquidity and take control of the token price.

Review by top agencies

Our token contracts have been audited and reviewed by the most prestigious companies: RugDog and TechRate.
They have the full contract addresses and have reviewed us as LOW-RISK.

Changes in Launch — Fair Launch

Fair Launch Banner
  • Emission per Block. We will be changing the amount of emission per block to maximize the earnings of the real members of the community.
  • Initial Liquidity. We will modify the initial liquidity to adjust the parameter to get the most competitive price.
  • Multiple improvements. Improvements will be made in all aspects of the project to ensure the best experience for token holders.

Increase Trust in Overall DojoFarm Project

Since the first launch, we have been carrying out actions to strengthen DojoFarm, mostly on Polygon.

  • INSANE APRs. We were able to maintain +7000% APRs in multiples farms and pools in our platform
  • Burned over 6000 DOJO Tokens. To keep the price high, we manually burned over 6000 DOJO over the past week.
  • Compound Feature. So Token Holders can reinvest their earnings.
  • Extra marketing Efforts. Thanks to the community, we have extra marketing to help the project grow.


We are working to get the best Fair Launch possible for our community.
We are here thanks to you! To the Moon!
The Dojo-Way.

Stay Tuned for MultiStage Launch Next Week!

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