The evolution of Panther Token Forks

DOJO has implemented SAFU improvements to the Panther Token Contracts

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2 min readJul 2, 2021

In the last few weeks, the Dojo team has been working tirelessly with the most prestigious audit and review firms in the Crypto space: RugDoc and TechRate.

As a result, we were able to implement improvements to the Panther protocol, for the peace of mind and security of token holders.

The improvements are the following

  • Autoliquidity Burning: We changed where the liquitidy is going. The operator's address can’t dump the liquitidy anymore.
    This helps the liquidity to be untouchable.
  • Deposit Shield (4% deposit fee capped): now the deposit is capped at 4% forever. In the previous protocol version, the capped could be changed later on. Even 100%. Very #unSafu!
  • AntiWhale Limitation:
    The issue here is that meanwhile the AntiWhale limits big deposits, it didn’t limit very low deposits. So any project could lock transfers, by not allowing token holders to transfer any amount of tokens.


Some of the changes we did have been published as recommendations in the last 24hs.

That is how committed we are to have a SAFU project.
Stay tuned for extra news about Dojo Token.

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