DojoFarm Layer 2: Kunai Token

With +2.5m in TVL, we present the next step of DojoTeam

Keeping up to date is one of the biggest challenges of any DeFi community.
That’s why add value to our project, evolving as promised.

Introducing: DojoFam Layer 2 — Kunai.

Kunai Token like its brother Dojo Token is a Panther fork, with all the improvements that the DojoTeam added to it to maintain the project SAFUness.


DojoTeam listens to the recommendations of the community, and at their request, we implemented a new exit strategy.

In addition, the DojoTeam allows the DojoToken to increase its value.

Although we have an anti-bot system that worked very well in the previous launches of the project and at the request of the community this time we wanted to focus on rewarding the farmer, rather than fighting bots.


All hours are estimated. Depends on Block Timing.

  • Presale starts: 7/20, 14:00 UTC
  • Presale ends: 7/22, 12:00 UTC
  • Liquidity provided: 7/22, 12:30 UTC
  • Claim presale token: 7/22, 13:00 UTC
  • Farming start: 7/23, 13:30 UTC

Tokenomics Simplified

  • Total Presale Token Mint: 50,000 KUNAI.
  • Presale Token price: USDC $3 per KUNAI.
  • Listing price after Presale: USDC $5 per KUNAI

Allocation of Presale Funds

  • 80% initial liquidity.
  • 20% marketing/infrastructure/partnerships.



A frequently asked question from our community is how DojoToken relates to KunaiToken.
What will we do to help the value of DojoToken.
Here is the answer:

You will be able to STAKE your DojoToken,

FARM your Dojo Lp

and EARN KUNAI with 0% Deposit Fee

Menu for Layered Farming

Extra Features

  • BlackListing Bot feature. We will ban addresses that we detect to be bots. These addresses will not be able to transact with the token forever. Great performance in BSC Launch already.
  • Emission per Block. We will be changing the amount of emission per block to maximize the earnings of the real members of the community.
  • Initial Liquidity. We will modify the initial liquidity to adjust the parameter to get the most competitive price.
  • Multiple improvements. Improvements will be made in all aspects of the project to ensure the best experience for the community.


We are working to get the best Launch possible for our community. By providing real value.
The Dojo-Way.

Stay Tuned for Layer 2 Launch — Kunai Token!

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