Dojo Experience so Far and Near-Future Roadmap

What we learned at the launch of the Project

It was a great effort to get our DeFi Project out.

The space is maturing remarkably and with it the demands of the community.
The path is traced by the firsts DeFi. And we decided to follow PantherSwap. We are a fork of them.

However, we had to evolve the code to meet the demands of the audits. Everything to become a SAFU project.

Near-Future Roadmap: Multistage Project

What we did for the token launch

  • We implemented a fair stealth launch
  • We performed audits on RugDoc and TechRadar.
  • We modified the token to prevent the operator from keeping all the money.
  • Multiple improvements over a PantherSwap fork.
  • We are listed in big listings such as CoinGecko, Vfat-Tools, CoinSnipper and others.
  • Multiple improvements over what we learned from other projects.

What experience we got from this launch

Although we read it many times, we can assure you that no project can be 100% boot-free. Threats are becoming more and more sophisticated, malicious bots find different ways to attack the project.

Working in the Crypto space means “expecting the unexpected”. You constantly face external challenges, such as the state of the blockchain network.
So we must be prepared to adapt to changing environments all the time.

Near Future Road Map — Multistage Launch

Near Feature Roadmap

In the Farming Launch, and in future stages of our project, we will implement the following features:

  • BlackListing Bot feature. We will ban addresses that we detect to be bots. These addresses will not be able to transact with the token forever.
  • Emission per Block. We will be changing the amount of emission per block to maximize the earnings of the real members of the community.
  • Launch Types. We will be testing different types of releases. Fair, Stealth, etc. To ensure a good experience of the Dojo community.
  • Initial Liquidity. We will modify the initial liquidity to adjust the parameter to get the most competitive price.
  • Multiple improvements. Improvements will be made in all aspects of the project to ensure the best experience for token holders.


In every launch, we have to apply the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement.
The most important thing for us is that our community members feel that their investments are SAFU.
And we work every day for that.

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