DojoToken has been awarded the best review a new Panther Fork can get

After implementing all reviews by RugDoc, The DojoToken has been reviewed with a LOW-RISK assessment.

This is the best assessment a new project may achieve.



More value to Dojo Token

In an effort to add more value to the community we entered into a partnership with Sandman.Farm.

Both projects have the same vision of caring for the community and maximizing returns for investors.

In the future, we will be announcing the actions that will be done together. Where the Dojo Token, and also Kunai can be used in Sandman.fam farms. brings exciting new features that can be enjoyed by the whole community. Stealth Presale, Yield Farming, Vaults and Max Supply are some of the features that we will be able to appreciate.


The Dojo Team is committed to a SAFU and profitable project for our token holders. This is a step towards that goal.


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