DojoToken has been awarded the best review a new Panther Fork can get

After implementing all reviews by RugDoc, The DojoToken has been reviewed with a LOW-RISK assessment.

This is the best assessment a new project may achieve.

More value to Dojo Token

In an effort to add more value to the community we entered into a partnership with Sandman.Farm.

Both projects have the same vision of caring for the community and maximizing returns for investors.

In the future, we will be announcing the actions that will be done together. Where the Dojo Token, and also Kunai can be used in Sandman.fam farms. brings exciting new features that can be enjoyed by the whole community. Stealth Presake, Vaults and Max Supply are some of the features that we will be able to appreciate.


The Dojo Team is committed to a SAFU and profitable project for our token holders. This is a step towards that goal.


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Here are some answers to questions made by the community

Now that the presale is almost over, we gather questions made by the community and answer them here.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Only our opinion.

What Should I do with my kunai tokens once the presale is over?

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Only our opinion.

The Dojo Team worked hard in this second layer of the Dojo project to achieve great APRs for the community.

With +2.5m in TVL, we present the next step of DojoTeam

Keeping up to date is one of the biggest challenges of any DeFi community.
That’s why add value to our project, evolving as promised.

Introducing: DojoFam Layer 2 — Kunai.

Kunai Token like its brother Dojo Token is a Panther fork, with all the improvements that the DojoTeam added to it to maintain the project SAFUness.


DojoTeam listens to the recommendations of the community, and at their request, we implemented a new exit strategy.

In addition, the DojoTeam allows the DojoToken to increase its value.

Although we have an anti-bot system that worked very well in the previous launches…

How does the DojoTeam prepare for a successful launch at BSC

RugDoc Ad

A week after launching our first token at Polygon, it’s time to launch the Dojo token at BSC.
And with the intention of having a SAFU project for our community, we implemented many new features.
We increased security, improved tokenomics, and marketing as promised.

These are the things that were done for this launch. These are the new improvements for BSC Launch

Anti-Bot Feature

One of the biggest concerns for token holders is malicious bot attacks that hijack liquidity and take control of the token price.

In order to encourage the community’s peace of mind, we have implemented a bot blacklisting system.

What we learned at the launch of the Project

It was a great effort to get our DeFi Project out.

The space is maturing remarkably and with it the demands of the community.
The path is traced by the firsts DeFi. And we decided to follow PantherSwap. We are a fork of them.

However, we had to evolve the code to meet the demands of the audits. Everything to become a SAFU project.

Near-Future Roadmap: Multistage Project

What we did for the token launch

  • We implemented a fair stealth launch
  • We performed audits on RugDoc and TechRadar.
  • We modified the token to prevent the operator from keeping all the money.
  • Multiple improvements over a PantherSwap fork.
  • We are listed in…

Earn 5% commission from your referred forever

An on-chain referral program has been implemented to incentivize users to invite friends to join the community.

5% referral program

Polygon Referral

For Polygon Referral Program, please click here:

Binance Referral

For BSC Dojo Referral Program, please click here:

Documentation about Dojo Referral

For extra information, please check our documentation:


Dojo Token is all about community. Please spread the word, and get rewarded. Win-Win.
The DOJO-Way.

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DojoToken is implementing the safest launch strategy in DeFi

We are often asked what kind of launch we are going to have in DojoToken.
And the answer is Stealth Fair Launch.

Launch Strategy

A launch strategy is a series of measures that are taken to ensure that tokenomics is fulfilled in the best way possible.

So far, the two most commonly used types are:

  • Fair launch: is a strategy that ensures that all potential token holders have an equal opportunity to acquire tokens at launch.
    There is no pre-sale, no tokens reserved for devs, and nothing that gives anyone an advantage in acquiring tokens before the general public. …

DOJO has implemented SAFU improvements to the Panther Token Contracts

In the last few weeks, the Dojo team has been working tirelessly with the most prestigious audit and review firms in the Crypto space: RugDoc and TechRate.

As a result, we were able to implement improvements to the Panther protocol, for the peace of mind and security of token holders.

The improvements are the following

  • Autoliquidity Burning: We changed where the liquitidy is going. The operator's address can’t dump the liquitidy anymore.
    This helps the liquidity to be untouchable.
  • Deposit Shield (4% deposit fee capped): now the deposit is capped at 4% forever. In the previous protocol version, the capped…

User Security is our primary concern

Is known that in the DeFi world, bad actors are in this space. But from the very beginning, our highest priority is to make each one of our community members safe.

That is the DOJO way.

All efforts from our team are devoted to getting the best DeFi experience. SAFU is imprinted in our minds like a mantra.

Before launching the token, our team conducted all kinds of tests to assure that all DOJO members are hack-free.

What exactly did we do?

We tested our token to the latest exploits knowns by the community:

  • Flash Loan Exploits
  • Oracle Exploits
  • Reentrancy Exploits.
  • Masterchef drain Exploits.


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